Sunday, April 5, 2009

Acai Berry / Hydroxycut Tablots !

Hey Guys !
Sorry, i havent been keeping up with my blogging lately BUT im backk! :]
Okay, so i have heard some good reviews about Acai Berry and Hydroxycut Tablots and i was really wanting to try them. I am still currently using Hip Hop abs, and yes it is great and i love it, BUT im not loosing the weight fast enough. I am really wanting to loose about 20 pounds by June. With Hip hop Abs i am loosing about 1-2 inches per week but it isnt enough right now. Im loosing inches but no actual weight. Yes, i know it takes time to loose weight,etc. But i was just wondering if anyone has used Acai Berry or Hydroxycut, or known anyone who has? Id like some Personal Opinions and/or experiences about them!
I know a few people who has used this and worked great,they lost the weight, and once they stopped taking them actually kept the weight off, so thats great :]

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But please feel free to e-mail me on your opinion,etc. :]

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