Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Skincare Products ?

Hey Everyone !
So, i have been using Proactive acne treatment for over a year now, and i love it, i really do! but you see,the problem is always having to get onto the internet website or go on the tv find the number and call to order, it is just a hassle and i really want to try something new. So my friends, i need your help! What skincare products, or acne treatments do you use? im really thinking of trying Clean&Clear Advanced Acne Control, or Palmer's Skin Sucess, Acne Rescue Kit. Have any of you tryed this, or what do you reccomend! Id really love to hear what you all use!
So thanks guys!

Clean&Clear Advanced Acne Control:
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Palmer's Skin Sucess:
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This is what i have been using religiouly for over a year.
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  1. Hey girl, Proactiv can set you up with a time frame where they can mail you a complete kit every x amount of months or whenever you may be done with the set! For example, I would get mine shipped every 3 months because it lasted me that long. I say, if it ain't broke don't fix it!! I've tried the Clean and Clear kit but it dried out my skin sooo bad that it was flaky! I just started using Clinique's skincare stuff and so far its going good!!! Check out a counter near you and they can help you find the best products for your skin.

  2. Hello!
    I love your blog and from now I am following it.
    Check out my blog too :)

    I have used Clean & Clear and honestly, it did`t work for me! It made my skin even worst :S

    Now I am using Neutrogena products and my skin is glowing, love it :)

    Hope you`ll find good products that will work for you.
    Have a nice day!

  3. i use proactive from time to time it hasnt been a religious skin care product for me since i notice that once i stop using it everything comes back. at the end of the day i end up using noxema. it's cheap and effective, for me at least. hope you find what youre looking for,.

  4. Hi! Now I am using Clean&Clear Advantage acne spot treatment and it is really effective. It reduces redness and dries exactly on the spot you applied it, so you can see result after one day of using it.

  5. Hey! I have tried the clean and clear advantage acne system and it is really effective. I remember having really bad acne and acne scarring, and the products did a really good job at clearing up my skin and help fade some acne scars without ever drying out my skin. A lot of acne treatments dry out the skin, but not this product :) Give it a try.

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  7. Hey, I recommend you go to LUSH and see what they have. They use more organic products which is al natural and may benefit more.

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  9. i have been using clean and clear products..they are my HG products..
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