Friday, May 1, 2009

Remake of Emilynoel83's Dramatic Smokey Pink Look


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1st - Apply eye primer/base.
2nd - Take an eyeshadow brush and apply the pinkish purple in the 4th row from the right,4 down all over the lid.
3rd - using the same eyeshadow brush take the light purple/lavender colour in the 5th row from the right,5th down all over lid over the pink you just applied.
4th - take a crease brush and take a black in the 1st row on the right, and the one on the very bottom and apply in the crease and blend.
5th - take any light colour, i used the silver in the first row on the right,2nd down and apply on brow bone for the highlight.
6th - I used Revlon Colourstay liquid eyeliner all over top lashline.
7th - I took Revon Colourstay eyeliner in blackest black on waterline.
8th - Lashblast mascara in black.


yay hope you enjoyyy ! :]
5th -


  1. Hi, i love how you used your 88 palette. Great blog, come stop by mine to say hello and take a look around! Hope to see you there.
    xx Belle

  2. I am in the uk and all i care about is when i visit the us in a week or so .. is the 88palette.. i got to get it!! :)
    Great look!