Saturday, March 7, 2009

CHI Flat Iron & 44 Iron Gaurd !

Hey everyone ! :]
Well, i FINALLY got my Pink Chi Limited Edition In love Flat Iron and my 44 Iron Gaurd! I ordered this Feb.16th and i Only got it Yesterday, which was March 6th. It took a veryy long time! BUT i am so happy it's finally here.
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In this pic, the colour seems like its a light pink BUT really its a hot pink colour with glitter and on the side it says CHI which is spelled out in diaminds. I tryed it out as soon as i got it! I think it is AMAZING. It straightened my hair perfectly like the 2nd time i went over it. The straightener i had before was just a cheap walmart one, because i has a salon one before and it totally broke, so i was like whatever ill just go buy a cheap one. Now dont get me wrong, the one i had from walmart was actually great. I didnt have any kind of problem with it, but i just really wanted to try a CHI because i heard great reviews on it. Now with the 44 iron gaurd.. um, i tryed it out for the first time ever yesterday and i found that it was kinda annoying that when you just dryed your hair and you squirt that it kinda makes your hair wet again.. but once you go over it and straighten it a few times its good. I also found it smelled kinda weird but it isnt that bad of a smell really. It also makes your hair really soft,so thats good. :]

Pretty Colour.
Good design,lightweight.
Heats up very quickly
Straighten's easily.

Shipping takes Long. (I cant buy a CHI where i live, so i have to order online.)

Overall there really arent any CONS to this straighten and i am VERY happy with it. IF i do happen to change my mind OR find that something has gone wrong, ill make a post to let you all know!

Oh and you can get this straightener at ..
Love Always,
Stephh xx ~ <3


  1. Ooo, that looks pretty! Is the iron guard any good? x

  2. Is so cute that!I never haven`t CHI products,but in future I will buy:)

  3. This iron is beautiful and works great, i love it. & i use the iron gaurd as well and its also good. This iron is really a hot pink with sparkles all over it when you get it, its even prettier in person.