Monday, March 16, 2009

" Pink Flamingo Look "

hello everyone!
im baccccck & with another makeup look, i know right. Well in this look i used ALL EyesLipsFace makeup! so here it is and i hope you like ittttt.

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- yes guys i love looks that have white and a pink/purple. its my signature look! hehe.

Products used :
e.l.f eye primer
e.l.f custom eyeshadow in ivory all over lid
e.l.f truely pink + wisteria on the outter corner about 3/4 out.
e.l.f periwinkle in the crease.
e.l.f liquid eyelinder on lid.
& dont forget to blend blend blend the crease so it isnt to harsh!

stephh xx ~

oh and p.s im gonna try so new more brighter looks without pinks and purple because im always falling to them, but i think id like to try something a little different so watch out for that! =)


  1. ive never tried any elf products and you make them look good :)

  2. I tried elf products in India. Its really hard to bought here.
    I love the Makeup Products